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"We've all heard  the saying  "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."  The truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you'd lose it."

❤️ few things unsaid. Everything almost shattered. Without shedding a single tear.

Well, I'm sorry, for me it's just get over it... heartbreaks aren't easy for everyone,to get over, but I've always put my regular study and jobs in front of love.

Excerpt from a book i will never write - a quote about who loses when a relationship ends

Forgiveness after a Suicide Loss - Our Side of Suicide

I'm sorry I didn't answer your text right away I don't know if it would have changed anything but I I wish I could have just been there so u didn't have to b alone! I'm sorry DaD

Embrace the ones you love while you can!    Grief:   1. Deep mental anguish, as that arising from bereavement. 2. A source of deep mental anguish. 3. Annoyance or frustration: Trying to follow their directions was nothing but grief. 4. Trouble or difficulty: the griefs of trying to meet a deadline.

For Mom, Matt, Dad and Bill. I miss you all and life is so empty now, I thought we'd have more time.

Yep.  Most people would love to have a daughter like me.  You blew it.  "You FORCED me to choose,  I didn't want to."  No, Linda-- if you were human, you'd always want your child.  YOU chose and it was the wrong one.

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What would've been, would I still be married, would you have had little curls, green eyes, my stubby feet?

Stillborn, stillbirth, pregnancy loss, baby loss angel baby heaven wonder who you'd be grief loss

I believe this completely but I think your both Iv had learned so much from you and your a blessing because you make me happy and its a blessing every time I see you

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We met for a reason,either you're a blessing or a lesson. For awhile, you were both . At first you were "the blessing". Then you turned into "the lesson"!

you let me go

If You Start To Miss Me Remember,I Didn’t Walk Away You Let Me Go ~ Break Up Quote I wish you can read this because I will never tell you this ! I'm just feeling in silence until I won't feel anything at all.

So glad that part of my life is over. But it did happen and I recognize it even if it's uncomfortable for others to accept.

So glad that part of my life is over. But it did happen and I recognize it even if it's uncomfortable for others to accept.