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behind the camera, rest in The Hobbit Samug Desolation, Bear man home with Aidan Turner.

"Oh my word that was so good good good I have to see it again tomorrow and the next day and that was just amazing wow wow wow I have to tell all my friends about this awesome movie and I have to post about it on my blog until everyone has seen it and joined the fandom and I must make a Pinterest board for this and..."

Hahhaha this is so accurate. I practically skipped out of the theater, and nearly drowned in my own feels.

I love this bit. They're all so out of it, and they're just bickering and Kili isn't in any real danger, but it's so ingrained in Fili to protect him that even while he's so drugged(for lack of a better word) he still shoves his way between the others an Kili.

Fili + character tropes ~Big Brother Instinct<---also right before this bit, when Bilbo says "we're going round in circles" Bofur starts rotating on the spot :]