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The Year in Pictures - The New York Times James Akin outside his home after a tornado.

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We are strong we are courageous we help those in need we might have many trials by living in Moore but praise God Moore people help our own even when tragedy strikes you can depend on one another


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A man salvages stuff from what left of a bedroom of his tornado devastated home on May 21, 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma. Families returned to a blasted moonscape that had been an American suburb Tuesday after a monstrous tornado tore through the outskirts of Oklahoma City, killing at least 24 people. Nine children were among the dead and entire neighborhoods vanished, with often the foundations being the only thing left of what used to be houses and cars tossed like toys and heaped in big piles…

Devastating Tornado Rip Through Oklahoma (LIVE UPDATES)

Powerful tornados ripped through Oklahoma, with dozens believed to have been killed in winds of up to including at least 20 children at an elementary school. As many as 26 tornadoes were repor.

The tornado tore through at least two schools and a hospital, killing at least four people, though a total number of fatalities is still unclear.

Horrifying Photos Of The Massive Tornado Tearing Through Oklahoma City

A mile-wide tornado touched down in suburbs of Oklahoma City Monday afternoon, tearing through homes and businesses.

Devastating twister |  Oklahoma County Sheriff tweeted, "Widespread damage in @cityofmoore . #OKCOSO deputies are assisting." | Photo: Twitter / ABCNews.com

An American flag sits among devastation after the massive twister barreled through Moore, Oklahoma

Moore Oklahoma EF-5 Tornado Video! 5/20/13

Our full length video from Moore Oklahoma on Video starts from SW St. looking west/southwest at the fully condensed stovepipe tornado.

nature doesn't always like bridges.

look at that road its real 1995 Kobe earthquake, Japan. The 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake commonly referred to as the Kobe earthquake, Collapsed Hanshin Expressway .

I would be headed to a shelter not down the road towards a tornado

longboarding with a tornado squade. I'd be longboarding the opposite way - very fast!

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倫☜♥☞倫 Tornado. Sometimes mirrors life. Something so beautiful.yet so deadly, so majestic.yet utterly destructive.

13 Heartbreaking Photos From The Aftermath Of The Oklahoma Tornado

13 Heartbreaking Photos From The Aftermath Of The Oklahoma Tornado

Workers look for victims under debris from a tornado that passed across south Oklahoma City

Texas Pride "This is what true Texans do. When the tornado siren goes off, we walk outside, study the sky a while, talk to the neighbors, and then if the clouds are really low or really green or really twisting like beaters in cake batter, we head for the storm closet. Otherwise, it's just the weatherman making a mountain out of a molehill...." ‪

"This is what true Texans do. When the tornado siren goes off, we walk outside, study the sky a while, talk to the neighbors.

Storm over downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Amazing capture! Please pray for all the people in Oklahoma today that had massive destruction in Moore, OK. due to tornado. I have family there & haven't heard from them.

Storm over downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma - Amazing capture!


This a shopping center down the street from my home where we would shop. Tornado sweeps through Moore Oklahoma on may

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June 2010 Shooting on assignment from the John Hancock Center, the Chicago Tribune photographer Chris Sweda captured lightning bolts hitting the Sears Tower and the Trump Tower at precisely the same moment. Photograph: Chicago Tribune photo by Chris Sweda

Tornado @ Denver International Airport.  This one scares me because I'm not sure I'd realize what I was looking at?

An incredible photo of a Tornado at the Denver International Airport - Vivian Dony Ballew Magazine Editor in the Denver Airport