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How many layers do you use in digital art is a question I see coming up often. The number of layers you use might be an interesting info to know but it doesn’t define the quality of your artwork.

10 TED Talks Every Art Teacher Should Watch (The Art of Education)

Hopefully, when I tell you I have been watching Ted Talks non-stop for a month, you know I am talking about the short, inspiring videos and not the rude, crude talking bear. TED Talks started back in

Think Like an Artist | Smart With Art. Talks about developing habits like an artist. This would be a good first week of art video

Aelin and Rowan (I was watching Planet Earth yesterday and when they started talking about hawks and they showed a video of it, I shouted out "ROWAN WHITETHORN!!" and my sister was beside me and she had no idea what I was talking about at all.) [Art: By LKivihall on DeviantArt] - #aelinashryvergalathynius #empireofstorms #rowanwhitethorn #rowaelin

Transform Your Art Room by Assigning 3 Projects at Once (The Art of Education)

How art can help you analyze - Amy E. Herman Wow! How could teachers integrate this? Something to ponder. Wouldn't you love a training on this? It could help your students express and explain themselves well. Think how motivating it would be!

We’ll be honest: making latte art is hard. Would-be baristas are very often deterred by a couple of crappy latte pours, and the truth is, you don’t just get better at it overnight. We considered making a ChefSteps-style how-to video for pouring a rosetta, but Charles Babinski, the barista in this video, talked us out of it. Even if we show a few beautiful pours, Charles explained, people still won’t learn how to do it, because the only way to learn is by doing. So we asked Charles if we…

The Last Guardian by on @DeviantArt