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Meeting With NRCS to Make Plans on a WRP Tract -LANDTHINK.com #realestate #land

Pat Porter, Broker/Owner of RecLandRealty, talks about his meeting - before and after - with the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).

Planning a Timber Harvest on a WRP Tract

Listen as Pat Porter, Land Broker at RecLand Realty, talks about harvesting timber on a large, mature hardwood tract that is enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP).

wetlands: Wetland nature reserve during sunset Stock Photo

A Historic private-public partnership that would make the legendary Civilian Conservation Corps proud just launched in Marlton, New Jersey.

Getting the Right Information to List a WRP Tract -LANDTHINK.com #realestate #land #conservation

Pat Porter talks about the information he needs to acquire form the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to properly market a Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) land tract.

Conservation and Coal -LandThink.com

“Conservation” and “coal” haven’t exactly gone hand in hand over the years, but that could be changing.

The Malheur occupation depicted a landscape locked in conflict—but it was far…

The Malheur occupation depicted a landscape locked in conflict—but it was far from the truth.

"The World of Federal Land and Water Conservation" by James Moorhead with Moorhead Law Group. -LandThink.com

Chicago is a wonderful city in many ways, but residents virtually never hear about federal land and water issues that are important topics elsewhere in the United States.

Sparling Ranch Conservation Bank is a win-win for cattle ranchers and wildlife.

California’s Sparling Ranch: Where salamanders roam

Point, Counterpoint: The Conservation Easement Tax Incentive -LandThink.com

An article appeared in Bloomberg News within the last year that highlighted the complexities of the conservation easement tax break.

Meeting in Macomb (Winter 2014)

Meeting in Macomb (Winter

Interior Announces Sage-Grouse Conservation Plans for Tens of Millions of Acres of the American West

One bird, 11 states, 165 million acres—The Great Saga of the Greater Sage-Grouse

Ranch Diaries: Is ranching a form of conservation? — High Country News

Our cattle can help restore wildlife habitat, reduce fire fuels and sequester carbon, when used creatively.

Runoff reduced, water retention increased by multi-paddock grazing

Cow-calf grazing practices could determine, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions