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Neptune (Latin: Neptūnus) was the Roman god of water and the sea. In the Greek-influenced tradition, Neptune was the brother of Jupiter and Pluto, each of them presiding over one of the three realms of Heaven, Earth and the Netherigions

Monster at the Door, a note card by Greetings from Other Worlds on Etsy ($3)

weirdvintage: “ This is my dad’s uncle, c. in Kokomo, IN, USA. The young victim of a family of pranksters, he luckily grew up to be a bit more handsome ” weirdvintage

American Horror Story season 4

'American Horror Story' Season 4 is going to be quite the freak show. Show creator Ryan Murphy announced that the highly anticipated carnival themed season has officially been named 'Freak Show'.

"FACEOFF/FACE/ON # 116: PERGAMON" by harrylyme ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art

"FACEOFF/FACE/ON # 116: PERGAMON" by harrylyme ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art

Atlas Veil Statue – THE BLACK ATLAS

She Who Slays in the Darkness - Forgotten Gods - Blades in the Dark- sculpture Cast Resin Sculpture Dimensions 27 x 8 x

"Name one hero who was happy. You can't." He was sitting up now, leaning forward. "I can't." "I know. They never let you be famous and happy. I'll tell you a secret." "Tell me." I loved it when he was like this. "I'm going to be the first." He took my palm and held it to his. "Swear it." ""Why me?" "Because you're the reason."

" said a drunk Dean of Admissions to me at a faculty party a couple of years ago. "I'll tell you what Classics are.


Geneva almost balked at the sight of Heather. Of course she was the only one who knew who that was, no one knew who Heather really was, and what the light witches true form looked like