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Makeup for Dark Brown Hair and Green Eyes

Kristen Stewart Dark Hair Actress Kristen Stewart was all over his body refused to color blonde hair while playing in the movie On The Road. The owner is claiming brown hair is very difficult to adapt to the color of blonde hair.

Instagram photo by @ben_schnetzer_only via

This man is so freaking adorable! He made such an awesome Khadgar too.

I seriously love her. Not a huge fan of Twilight, and she's not the best actress ever, but she's one of the most attractive actresses, and she'd prob'ly be really cool if you knew her. :)

Kristy Tink on

Kstew has never behaved any less than herself and makes no apologies for the person she is and that's pretty rare to see in Celebrityland. Plus she is incredibly stunning.

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Session #049 - set49 part2 28429 - Ben Schnetzer Fan

Session #049 - set49 part2 28429 - Ben Schnetzer Fan

Picture from British Glamour Dec. 2011  Dress by GUiSHEM

The Lady Is a Vamp: Check Out Kristen Stewart's Most Stunning Editorials

Kristen Stewart looking good for her British Glamour magazine story shot by photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath.