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Gabriella & Jean monogram designed by Kiss Miklos.

Jessica & Pat's Wedding Monogram Idea's: Gabriella&Jean monogram logo / 2013 by kissmiklos // great treatment of ampersand &

Discount Code PINTEREST for 10% OFF  Arabesque Acrylic Quatrefoil Necklace

Metallic-Embossed Acrylic Necklace - Clear Quadrefoil - A new twist on the classic acrylic monogram AND yet another item that just makes us swoon!

Antique Heart Locket Monograms - Victorian - Gold finish - Heart shape - Hinged  - Signed Premier

Love this, especially to put photo of a deceased parent or grandparent and attach to a bride's bouquet. Later, she can wear it and give it to her daughter.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/154552323/coin-charm-cute-5-ore-danish-coin-charm

Items similar to Coin Jewelry Cute 5 Ore Danish COIN NECKLACE Pendant, tiny coin with crown over ornate M monogram, viking celtic design coin on Etsy

QL Monogram by Logo Designer Richard Baird

Modern QL monogram by British freelance logo, brand identity and graphic designer Richard Baird.