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we love... Bijoux: Stylish Men who Rock Jewelry - Johnny Depp - Kanye West - Karl Lagerfeld - Men's Style

Character inspiration, man in suit and tie, with glass, and rings.

A música é a medicina da alma. John A. Logan

Loving the idea of basing it off of an orchestra conductor! A couture, architectural dress, incorporating the formal/regal appearance of an orchestra conductor.

Palm reading. -                     			  			Sixpenceee Aesthetic

I wiped at my face, and when I pulled my hands down, I gaped. Pale green light - like drops of paint - glowed in flecks on my hand.

The boy's gaze lazily found its way to levi, the drugs pumping through his veins. "Such a pretty little thing, especially when you're like this. You're like my own little doll, when you're like this I can play with you however I please; I guess that's because little dolls don't get to speak let alone move."

Only in times like these, when a party was announced, did he have an excuse to look like the devils right hand man

Bad Trouble over the Weekend. Dorothea Lange, 1964. Her ring and cigarette, the creases around her eyes, and the title.

Dorothea Lange Bad Trouble Over the Weekend 1964 Her shots captured the depression era and made her best known for her sad but yet amazing photos.