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Psycho Pass

/PSYCHO-PASS/#1442260 - Zerochan

Psycho-Pass characters in the Durarara! ending theme

Psycho Pass pinned twice because i can... and because i waned to see the suggestd board..

Psycho Pass Kagari… Can I just ask why are most ginger anime boys the best…

Psycho-Pass -- Outcast by wudupcheese

In love with this Psycho Pass fan art of the polar opposites Kogami Shinya and Makishima Shougo.

Psycho Pass: Dominator by Love-of-Krye

Psycho Pass: Dominator by Love-of-Krye gun cosplay costume LARP LRP equipment gear magic item resource tool how to tutorial instructions

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Psycho-Pass - Shinya Kogami - Cosplay (published by Vein on Cure WorldCosplay)

Psycho Pass - Haven't started watching it yet but I'll definitely get to it. The storyline sounds intriguing and I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. :)

Psycho Pass - Amazing psychological anime even though the end of the first season disappointed me.

Shinya Kougami - Psycho pass - Kougami love the way he lives life

Shinya Kougami - Psycho pass Actually a good anime, nice characters, good lead idea, great setting, awesome technology.

I still need to watch the second season. They dubbed it while airing it. Crazy. Guess that's a new thing. Anime is just getting more popular in the West. Also they may be trying to bring the hate down on the dubs maybe. Like I get that people like watching it in the original language of what it was meant to be. But others just like watching in their own language. No need to say "you're watching it wrong". No they're not. They get the same message no matter what language they watch it.

PSYCHO-PASSサイコパス 公式 on

I just finished watching Psycho Pass :c But i still havent seen the movie yet~

shinya kougami shirtless - Google Search

Ohh Kougami Shinya the Babe. ~ The Anime is pretty good. I liked the first Opening song a lot.