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There were three versions of the Gotha Go P60 all wing Fighter design each powered by a pair of turbojets one above and one below the central wing section The Gotha Go P60A was the cleanest of the three designs  with the pilot and observer lying prone behind the nose glazing Speed: 634mph Range: 1165mi  at 39370ft Armament 4x 30mm guns The Gotha Go P60B was a much larger version of the proposed A with stronger Engines and would be a long range Fighter  Range :2435mi at 39370ft

There were three versions of the Gotha Go all wing Fighter design each…

Wings Over Camarillo Airshow 2012 - DSC_3719c | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Detail view of the cockpit of North American Mustang "Man O' War"…

L'avion du futur? Comme un oiseau...

New Technology . Century Aerospace Vehicle - Opening the Door to a New Era in Flight

Cockpit huh? Women fly 2 ya know--just sayin'

Basic aircraft controls for pitch, yaw and throttle are simple and ergonomic, designed to be used for extended hours.

Resultat d'imatges de mini-imp

Resultat d'imatges de mini-imp