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The Defenders of the Eucharist by Peter Paul Rubens. Saints Ambrose, Augustine, Gregory the Great, Thomas Aquinas, Norbert, and Jerome.

Peter Paul Rubens Flemish, active in Antwerp and throughout Europe "The Defenders of the Eucharist" c.

성모승천 니콜라 푸생 제작연도 17세기경 소장처 루브르 박물관 이 작품은 푸생의 작품 중 특이하게 구성된 예이다. 승천하는 성모와 이를 돕고 있는 천사들의 모습이 화면을 가득 채우고 있다. 중심인물들은 상당히 바로크적 특성을 지니고 있다, 바람에 휘날리는 옷깃이나 대답하게 몸을 비틀고 있는 천사의 포즈,  그리고 하늘에서 내려오는 강렬한 빛으로 강한  명암 대비 등이 그것이다

The Assumption of the Virgin - : Canvas Art, Oil Painting Reproduction, Art Commission, Pop Art, Canvas Painting

A most touching image of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother weeping over the dying Saint Joseph, greatest of all the Angels and Patron of the Universal Church. Saint Joseph, pray for us, that we may be consecrated to the unity of the Universal Church, and to the mission of the Blessed Mother, who you took as your Holy Spouse at the call of an Angel of the Lord, one of those angels whom you preside over in the empyrean Heaven. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

O St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ, and true Spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us and those in their agony this day (or this night) ~ Heidi Z

the glitter in the background is actually rain on the windshield.  the crucifix is hung on my rearview mirror...

Roman Catholic Saints Every single saint for every single situation, family member or job. NOVEMBER All Saints day

Scuola Ecclesia Mater: “Tanta in ejus péctore alebátur divínæ caritátis flamma, ut indúsium quod erat cordi própius, sæpe véluti igne adústum, et binæ cóstulæ elátæ apparúerint” (Lect. VI – II Noct.) - SANCTI PAULI A CRUCE, CONFESSORIS ET FUNDATORIS

anastpaul: “ Happy Feast Day of St Paul of the Cross – October 20 The flame of the love of God so burnt in St Paul’s breast, that the garment which was nearest to his heart often seemed to be scorched.