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The Amazing Spiderman , apesar do Tobey ter aquela cara de idiota qe eu me apaixonei , Andrew seu lindo oqe dizer de vce que mal conheço e ja amo <3 haha

A League of His Own: Tom Hanks, American Icon

Wearing "a thin, John Waters-y number that he can't stop touching, as if he's worried about it coming off. "Crappy little mustache," Hanks says. He's growing it for his next role, as Walt Disney. "And much like Disneyland," he says, "my mustache will never be finished." Photographer Sam Jones | pictured Tom Hanks | Source Rolling Stone Magazine | Josh Eells November 8th, 2012 | #TomHanks #classy #movember #tailored #dapper #suit #actor #hollywood #menstyle #famous #mustache #thirteenthieves

My favorite of 2012; The Perks of Being a Wallflower is so realistic and down to earth. It’s my favorite Because it gives you a feeling you can't put into words, it teaches you that things happen and we have to accept them whether it be friendship, sibling rivalry, or love and that we have to accept the consequences As a teen is it nice to read something that didn't preach exaggerate lie or hide the truths of life. In the end of the book you feel like you’re Charlie’s best…

arwen cape | Requiem Cloak (originally called Traveling Cloak or Grey Cloak ) My Halloween costume idea