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I have a crop top And I want to were it in public But I'm affraid

I love her shorts and her half tank. But she is wicked skinny. But otherwise I love it, && it goes with her tan.

number one motivation. imagine running an errand and not even thinking about what you’ve got on because you know even sweatpants look good

Lives change like the weather. I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new. Click below to learn more about fitness healthy food weight loss and more!

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12 Ways to Burn Serious Calories on Your Run

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1000 per day, takes a little less than 30 minutes, edit: my legs were sore for a week, and I do 300 every other day

7000 jumping jacks is a lot lol, that's at least 1000 every day. 100 jumping jacks 10 times a day? Who has that kind of time?

Sticking with it is easier than starting over. Stay motivated and keep going. http://www.ilikerunning.com #running #workout #quotes

Once you start your new diet, it HIGHLY recommended to stick with it. It's so much easier to stick with it, than to start it for the time. Try to stick with your new diet plan and see the results for yourself!

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How To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days

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The Best Fitness Gifts for Women that are Actually Useful

If you eat healthy and are consistent you will feel the difference and dont worry if nobody notices until its been over 2 months.

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Is Fitspo Just As Dangerous As Thinspo

my new motto ♡ never give yourself unrealistic expectaions! slow & steady wins the race

Greatist - Bad At Yoga

3 months from now, you will thank yourself quotes motivational fitness exercise fitness quotes workout quotes exercise quotes keep going

Fuck it.

This is my year, my time to shine. I've never wanted this more than I do now. I'm almost 30 and weigh more than I ever have before. I have a goal and a dream I want to live, and I'm not letting my weight hold me back anymore.

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