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Favourite versions of ballerina costumes in Masquerade: Flower Girl: I love a lot of versions of this one, but the original West End costume has a special spot in my heart.

I loved Meg in PotO, but in Love Never Does she was just insane, and her voice was kind of annoying

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(1) Phantom Of The Opera (@PhantomOpera) | Twitter

7 Reasons Guys Should Take Ballet

(From the top) Fiona Morley-Georgia Ware-Lily Howes-Alicia Beck and Daisy Alice Hulbert // London Cast

Meg Giry-Phantom of the Opera

Kara Klein starring in Broadway's The Phantom of the Opera - The ballet dancers (And Meg, of course!) are my favourite set of characters beside protagnorists

Phantom of the Opera - Ballet Girls Always loved the hair

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Phantom of the Opera - Ballet Girls I love how they all have my hair

Sarah Brightman as Christine Daae in her dressing room

Promotional photo for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, taken in a dressing room at the Paris Opera House.

Meg Giry character design by beckarooster3000 on DeviantArt

This is what I'm thinking of for the look of Meg Giry, the original badass ballerina from "The Phantom of the Opera"  

Broadway's The Phantom of the Opera

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Opera Costume

Opera Costume from the Milan Costume Museum (The Ornamented Being)