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Tito Salas. Caracas, Venezuela, May 8, 1887 - March 18, 1974) was a painter Venezuela. Studies were begun painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Caracas. and won the prize for painting in 1901 and 1902. In 1907 obtained a Third Gold Medal at the Salon des Artistes Français. is recognized for his work as a historian of the epic Bolivarian mural that illustrated scale for several monuments of Caracas: the birthplace of the Liberator and the National Pantheon.

Mateo Manaure October 18, 1926, Uracoa, Monagas, Venezuela) is one of the most important modern artists of Venezuelan art history. In 1941 until 1946 comes to study at the School of Visual Arts and Applied Arts. Manaure Matthew's work has gone through different stages of representative trend with classic tracks such as nudes, landscapes and still life, his evolving towards geometric abstraction and then turns into abstraction.

La Central Hidroeléctrica "Raúl Leoni", también conocida como la represa del #Guri, se encuentra ubicada a unos 90 km aguas arriba de la confluencia del río Caroní con el Orinoco, en el cañón Nucuima de la cuenca baja del Caroní.

Manuel Cabré Venezuelan painter (1890 in Barcelona, Spain 1984 in Caracas) Best known as the master of the Avila Mountain. It was one of the leading figures of the Fine Arts (1912) And among peers can be considered the par excellence landscape. A true guide to the representation of landscape in Caracas. awards among which are: National Painting Prize, XII Annual Art Salon Venezuela (1951), Order of Andrés Bello, in his First Class (1971) Order of Francisco de Miranda, in his First Class…