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Skin Wars season 3 episode 7 :https://www.tvseriesonline.tv/skin-wars-season-3-episode-7/

GSN TV’s Avi Ram Airbrushes Live At #ElPortalArtFair - How cool is it that Skin Wars' Season 2 Runner Up, Airbrush Hero Avi Ram, will be at the #ElPortalArtFair airbrushing LIVE! We partnered up with the Airbrush Hero to make the Art Fair's promo video, …

Rick!!! Skin Wars / Season 3

WATCH: Rebecca Romijn Sizzles (In Nothing But Body Paint!) in Skin Wars Promo http://www.people.com/article/rebecca-romijn-skin-wars-season-3

Rebecca Romijn Previews Skin Wars Season 2 with Super Sexy Tigress Teaser http://www.people.com/article/rebecca-romijn-skin-wars-gsn-season-2-exclusive

skin wars season 2 - Google Search

Rick - Skin Wars winner Season 3

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