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Once Upon A Time Hiatus Meme — Characters Who Have Died — Graham Humbert “I’d rather have nothing than settle for less.

This is one of my absolute favorite SPN moments.

do you want the truth or one of those little white lies that doesnt hurt anybody until they found out you lied?

I swear on every thing that is holy. This has got to be the sexiest thing I have EVER seen. Holy crap. Just... Whew. I can't take it. I can't stop watching it but I can't take it. Obviously it's a gif but holy... I can't... Just watch. And prepare to lose your heart forever.

One of the best [gif]s ever. All hail the (which I finally learned means Freakin Tongue Thing!) Jensen Ackles- you are one fine man.

Jensen's dancing is perfection. And I love Richard's perfectly balanced hop up in the background

Jensen shakin that thang. Then out of nowhere, Matt comes into view lololol. These guys rock! Robert in the back with the camera and hip thrusts


Dementors would starve if they targeted the Winchester Bros and friends! Which is sad.but this pic is funny, so it's ok for now. I have no happiness

Supernatural Dean Winchester

-Supernatural One Shots, Imagines, and Preferences-

Supernatural Fluff and perhaps some smut. I apologize for never uploading in advance. Also I apologize for shortness of one shots.

Jensen Ackles - Just you (lyrics) - YouTube

"Carry On My Wayward Son" Misha Collins - a special GISHWHES Rendition. It's all about GISHWES. I laughed. I cried. I bowed down to the awesome that is Misha Collins.

His eyes

"Crazy People"--Yellow Fever is a classic work of comedic art!<---- oh my god his eyes in the last one though, he can definitely pull off crazy lol


- Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel - Cas is seriously hands down my favorite he's adorable

Adopted by Jensen and Danneel Ackles - Chapter 12 #wattpad #random

Adopted by Jensen and Danneel Ackles - Chapter 12

▶ Carry On My Wayward Son - Lullaby Version - this is SO awesome! I'd buy a music box with this in a hot minute!