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Fortunato Pio Castellani. The pendant, referred to as a “bulla” (a hollow pendant introduced by the Etruscans, and possibly used to hold a protective amulet), is hinged at the top and decorated with granulation and wirework. At the center is an extremely fine micromosaic of a moth, a symbol of the soul.

"BETHLEHEM" BULLA. A 2,700 year old bulla bearing an inscription reading “Bethlehem” was discovered in the City of David in Jerusalem. A bulla is a stamped piece of clay used to seal a document or container. The discovery marks the earliest known mention of ancient Bethlehem, a city best remembered as Jesus’ birthplace centuries later. For more, click on the link.

Royal seal of Judah's 'greatest king' Hezekiah found in ancient dump

The private royal seal, or bulla, belonging to the biblical King Hezekiah (pictured) who r...

Hettite, seal,Acemhöyük,1800 BC, Ankara Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesi (Erdinç Bakla archive)