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1939 Duesenberg Coupe Simone "Midnight Ghost".The car was made by the american car body designer Emmet-Armand on the basis of the Duesenberg Type J. They only made one,which was ordered by the French cosmetics king Gui(Guy) De LaRouche,as a gift to his lover Simone.

1939 Duesenberg Coupe Simone Midnight Ghost, by American Car designer Emmet-Armand.

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1939 Duesenburg Coupe Simone Midnight Ghost--way before it's time.~~~~Commissioned by Gui De LaRouche as a gift to his lover, Simone. This car has quite a history behind it!

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audi This is my kind of car, it's so sexy. The Vintage Car. Matte Black Rolls-Royce Ghost Add glow stick liquid to bottle of bubbles.