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I love everything about this. Liam's answer. And the fact that Harry didn't choose a skinny model.

Larry is real, okay? What about Niam?>>> Of course Niam isn't real! Larry is real! I suggest you open your eyes hun. But Niall’s face

May I just say... It's about damn time!! Larry is the best respected bromance

He was like "f*ck , look at Lou's small hands compared to mine .

This made me smile like an idiot. They are too cute. This is so how it would happen! Loveeee! ❤️❤️

im like the biggest Larry shipper ever (sorry boys, so sorry)<<<ASDFGHJKL

"bromance" or secretly together.I don't care they are just adorable! 46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together

seriously, though! elounor and Lou r like as far apart as they can possibly be and Lou and Harry r like as close as humanly possible<<LARRY LARRY LARRY SUCK THAT

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REMEMBER THIS You know Harry can be such a cutie. It's his birthday! And Christmas Eve so like idk anymore about you Harry.

"We CAN make it to the end, no nothing can come between you and I" apart from Modesty! And contracts.

"I just want a piggyback ride, Lou" // Larry Stylinson fan art

larry fan art like this keeps me up at night Artist:RockitRocket

20 Reasons Why I Love Louis Tomlinson - Žiarlivosť

LOUIS IM LAUGHING SO HARD {gif} and that lady is like "oh sweet baby Jesus yes Harry kiss my cheek oh sweet baby Harry Jesus *flutters eyelashes*" Louis face!

Come on, guys. He's obviously upset about all this. Seriously, larry isn't real and it breaks my heart to see harry so upset. So just except Elounor and get on with your lives. {---Thank you.

This is messed up. I'm sick and tired of it! Thank goodness Liam is there to brighten the mood. Gosh this is absolute rubbish. I'd love to give that interviewer a proper slap to the face.>> LIAM SAVED THE DAY ♥

Fucking lim and zyan being flirty little shits and Louis and harry giving each other those looks jezzz