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Without Their Permission by Alexis Ohanian. Great for getting inspiration to make this world suck a little less. What are you waiting for? Start building.

A Technique for Producing Ideas (Advertising Age Classics Library) eBook: James Young: Books

I Seem to Be a Verb: Environment and Man's Future by R. Buckminster Fuller

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Paperback)

The New York Times bestseller that gives readers a paradigmshattering new way to think about motivation. Most people believe that the best way to motivate is with rewards like moneythe carrot-and-stic

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future | "Might be the best business book I've read...Barely 200 pages long and well lit by clear prose and pithy aphorisms, Thiel has written a perfectly tweetable treatise and a relentlessly thought-provoking handbook." – Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Hagakure (Kyūjitai: 葉隱; Shinjitai: 葉隠; meaning Hidden by the Leaves or hidden leaves), or Hagakure Kikigaki is a practical and spiritual guide for a warrior, drawn from a collection of commentaries by the samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo, the third ruler of what is now Saga prefecture in Japan. Tsuramoto Tashiro compiled these commentaries from his conversations with Tsunetomo from 1709 to 1716. It is also known as The Book of the Samurai, Analects of Nabeshima or Hagakure Analects.

On My Bookshelf – Quick And Nimble by Adam Bryant

This is a MUST for every property!!! Take this book and take turns reading it out loud. Create assignments and help your team lean how to win friends and influence people! GREAT BOOK!

In the movie The Matrix, the protagonist Neo has a choice: he can swallow a blue pill and remain peacefully asleep and blissfully ignorant, or he can swallow the red pill and embrace the painful truth of reality. Ctrl Alt Delete, a new book from Mitch Joel, a leading marketing expert who also authors the popular blog Six Pixels of Separation, offers readers a similar choice.

The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography: Simon Singh: 9780385495325: Books