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If you haven't already blocked off your calendar, bought your ticket and planned your outfit for the November 22 release of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," you had better hop to it. The highly-anticipated sequel starring Jennifer Lawrence hits theaters this week, and if there weren't already enough reasons to go and see it, the gorgeously whimsical costumes shou...

What It Takes To Dress 5,800 Film Extras

Want to know what's coming in the two The Hunger Games: Mockingjay movies? WIRED talked to Francis Lawrence, who directed Catching Fire and is handling the Mockingjay films, to get some insight.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - 100 Best Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

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I love this, except Katniss' facial expression as she stares at Rue doesn't make sense. She adored that little girl.

"A Christmas Prince" Is So Bad It's Good And Here Are The Tweets To Prove It

"A Christmas Prince" Is So Bad It's Good And Here Are The Tweets To Prove It

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Zach Galifianakis Jennifer Lawrence Between Two Ferns -- Pretty much the best two people you would ever be able to find in between ferns.

Net Image: The Hunger Games Photos Publicity Photo ID: . Picture of The Hunger Games - Latest The Hunger Games Photo.

This was literally so creepy in mockingjay, team gale!

I may have to wait for both Mockingjay movies to come out.don't think I can't handle hijacked Peeta. I'm crying

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Hear the National’s Gorgeous Catching Fire Soundtrack Song, ‘Lean’