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Hannibal TV Series Photo: Hannibal - Episode - The Wrath of the Lamb

Hugh Dancy and director Peter Medak behind the scenes of #Hannibal!

~Hugh & longtime friend, Peter Medak, who directed episode 5 of Season 1 of Hannibal.

the love... -Hannibal and will-

-Hannibal and will-

let's be honest, hanni cares so much for his appearance this would be his worst nightmare right after illfitting suits

the show-runner of the canceled cult drama raises the idea of continuing it as a series of "irregular" miniseries.

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standing in the freezing ocean, holding the body of my imaginary friend, and shouting at the sea to make him better

"Aperitif" | #Hannibal

"Aperitif" | #Hannibal