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Caroline Herschel by Marina

Linocut Portrait of Caroline Herschel, Pioneering Woman in Astronomy with Comets - Portrait Astronomer Caroline Herschel Woman in STEM Print

This linocut of astronomer Caroline Herschel (16 March 1750 – 9 January 1848) shows her and her own observations of comets, in dark black-gold and

Sir William Herschel (1738-1822). German-born English astronomer. In 1781 William Herschel was the first person in history to discover a new planet, the one we know as Uranus. With the assistance of his sister Caroline Lucretia, William did the first all-sky survey of nebulae and revolutionized the science of astronomy. (Portrait John Russell, credit National Maritime Museum, London) ©Mona Evans, "Herschel Museum of Astronomy"

Vacation Home - Archival Print

Jeremy Miranda - Vacation Home

Shelter - Archival Print

Jeremy Miranda - Shelter - Archival Print

Le sphere de monde by Oronce Fine, 1549 a, via Flickr.

Beverly Hills Hotel print by Bijou Karman

Astrological Signs Illustration, Astrology Print Art, Zodiacs Illustration Poster "12 Signs of the Zodiac" Astrology Birth Signs Drawings