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~ The whole world seemed sort of closed to me… I felt on the outside of everything, and all I could do was to dream up any kind of pretend game. ~Marilyn Monroe [Marilyn Monroe on set of The Misfits


An eye, brain trick. You will enjoy this if you are using the right side of your brain. Stare at this pic carefully and you will see this man turn his face. Share this with your friends if you saw him turn his head.

Certos momentos... Kk

Falar mal da mulher do amigo sem querer é constrangedor!

Lmfao ;) aiii #amiga ;)

Opinions I will build a shrine to Trump if he . Comments on the new executive orders

1-2-2015                                                         What!  I need to lose weight?

When choosing name for the baby, you certainly don’t want it to be odd and weird! But the latest trends, when it comes to baby names, these days are quite strange! Everyone wants their newborn to h.

Japanese Jiu Jitsu: A Journey: Meditations on Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that was founded in the early century by O-Sensei ("great teacher") Morihei Ueshiba. O-Sensei conceived of aikido as a martial art that defuses conflict withou.

OMG those eyes

Darren Criss ~ let's go all the way tonight, no regrets. just love, we can dance until we die, you and I will be young forever