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For Percy Jackson Fans Mark of Athena  Bookmark by GoldenArtifacts <<<< this or the charm, mostly this though mom!! =)

For Percy Jackson Fans Mark of Athena Bookmark by GoldenArtifacts <<<< this or the charm, mostly this though mom!

BTS interview from LOTR - Gimli wasn't a big fan of rehearsing for fight scenes... He would hit Every. Single. One of them.

Dominic Monaghan talking about John Rhys-Davies. This proves that John Rhys-Davies is Gimli on and off the screen.

There were only three things in there I didn't know about. The Hobbiton set one,  the one with Sam, and the one with the foam. However, I did not know Legolas's exact age or Gimli's exact age.

Neat facts about LotR. However Frodo was 50 not 33 when he left the shire but I'm glad Tolkien really felt Sam was the hero of the story.

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New Zealand’s Issues With Orcs // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Avengers behind the scenes

Thor Gets a Cellphone and Texts Tony Stark

The interactions between Thor and the other Avengers. Always puts a smile on my face. The next Avengers movie should definitely have a funny scene with this in it. XD I feel like Thor would call him metal man though.

KILI. NO. <<< are we not going to mention how he just got shot in the leg in this scene? With a poisonous arrow? Kili is just the king of being optimistic...

This isn't Six Flags, Kili ≈Hobbit - Tolkien≈

21 Movies Summed Up In One Photo Set < Just repinning for Thor and Thor:The Dark World

21 Movies Summed Up In One Photo Set

My apologies for the language, but Bill. <3 And the eagles too... *Hobbit rage suppressed*

PLEASE excuse the language! Horses of Middle Earth. And Bill the pony, for president of Middle Earth


Legolas is actually using a recurve bow, not a longbow. Bow Legolas is actually using a recurve bow not longbow

That poor girl.

MCU Tumblr Stuff+Comic

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious for all Thor/Chris Hemsworth fans can understand . :D If he be worthy, he shall possess the blessing of Thor. hahahaha I really hope this happens. This would be the greatest thing ever.not for his daughter.

Thranduil, Galadriel, Elrond. The elves of Middle-Earth in The Hobbit.<<<<< Thranduil: *sweeps out cloak in the most dramatic fashion possible* Join me guys. Galadriel: Ok. *sweeps her dress in a slightly less dramatic way* Elrond: Fuck that nonsense. Like I need anything else to make me look more awesome. *stands there looking BAMF*

Between Two Worlds - Prologue

Half of the things I've heard about Viggo Mortensen from the set of LOTR gives him 300 Respect-o-points!

Part two, for all you Tolkien fans!

Behind-the-scene facts you may or may not have known about The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And THAT was the most expensive coffee spree in the history of the world!

I love the films but what was done to Faramir in TTT was so terrible.

To all LotR "fans" out there.

To all Lotr fans out there. I still love the movies and the book! The only thing that kind of irritated me about the movie after i read the book was how the movie changed Faramir.


My brother sings this song all the time when we do the dishes.