Fairy Tattoos Symbolize Luck Desire Destiny

Fairy Fairy tattoos are symbolic of fantasy and magic. The most common symbolic meaning behind these tattoos is that of inspiration and wonderment.

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Fairy, moon and stars tattoo. I love this but I think I'd get an earth fairy

I like the background in this one...needs a different fairy though. I love the dragonflies.

Fairy tattoos are a popular tattoo symbol for women. Learn about fairy tattoo designs, fairy tattoo meanings, fairy tattoo ideas, and view fairy tattoos.

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Check out some cute and some lovely Fairy Tattoos to give you an idea of what kind of designs people opt for.

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We have gathered 25 best butterfly tattoo designs for girls which can be inked on various parts of the body. A small butterfly design on shoulder region, neck,

Since I was a teenager I've wanted a tattoo of a fairy sitting on a crescent moon. This is pretty, but I don't like the fairy's multiple arms.

Luna fairy tattoo This is my birthday tatoo the tat was inked at Impaled in Marquette, Mi It was done by the one and only Michelle.

I want this tattoo!!!

Watercolored fairy tattoo - We really like what they did with the colors in this…