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VIKING BREAD OVEN.... Most viking breads were made from freshly, hand ground, rye flour (wheat is a north african grain!), with slowly fermented sourdough. The baking process in the clay oven, fired with beech logs, could take up to 48 hours. Such breads last for at least one week, without going stale! source:

The ancient Balt (Latvian) calendar. Different mythological symbols protecting and guiding times of year.

Pouch styles SCA Rus

Берёза Донбасс | - всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве

Beautiful Slav costume from Russian reenactor. А вы думали в сказку попали? - Славянский костюм 11 века

Curonian (Western Latvia, Northern Lithuania) archeological women's outfit. #Medieval #costume #Europe

Latvian chain headdress and necklace.

"recreation of an ancient dress of Perniö, Finland, based on grave findings, viking age"


Vaipkleit. Iron age peplos dress from Estonia, reconstruction, similar to Eura style Finnish dress. Maarjapäev Petseris 2009 340