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I'm sure I don't have to justify anything to you guys (you always have my back, and for that I am forever thankful) but sometimes, you just need some freakin' chocolate. Does 'Hell on Earth' get ma.

Cinnamon rolls, with Nutella drizzle

Nutella Ganche Chocolate Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls (And yes I would eat these for breakfast!

My middle-son (the one with great culinary vision) chose this recipe when it was his turn to help with dinner, and I am so glad he did.  This is one of the best desserts recipes I've tried in a lon...

DECADENT BROWNIE PIE Ingredients c butter, softened 1 c sugar c light corn syrup 2 eggs 1 c all-purpose flour c cocoa tsp salt 3 tbsp milk 2 c chopped walnuts (optional) Ganache 1 c heavy whipping cream 8 oz semisweet chocolate, chopped

Cinnamon Chai Cream Pie.  I was most impressed with this crust--toasted almonds, hazelnuts, and graham cracker?  Mmm...

Cinnamon Chai Cream Pie - hazelnut crust, cinnamon pudding, and chai whipped cream.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Buttermilk Chocolate Cookies | Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Buttermilk Chocolate Cookies

Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate anything and a glass of cold milk had me already. Big Flavors From A Tiny Kitchen: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Buttermilk Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Fudge Cookies3forsite

Chocolate Fudgie Cookies by dessertfortwo (You may use all butter in place of the shortening, but your cookies will spread and be thin instead of thick & fudgey.

Garth Brook's German Chocolate Cake With Coconut Frosting

Garth Brook's German Chocolate Cake With Coconut Frosting

German Chocolate Cake--also see additional post/link for a yummy homemade coconut pecan filling. One tasty forkful is all you'll need to recognize the distinctive flavor of our German Chocolate Cake.

Moon Pie Pie | SugarHero.com

Moon Pie Pie What do you get when you cross moon pies and a regular pie? Why, this epic Moon Pie Pie, of course!

Ultimate Pretzel Crusted Peanut Butter Cookie Candy Brownie Bars

Ultimate Pretzel Crusted Peanut Butter Cookie Candy Brownie Bars

Try Ultimate Pretzel Crusted Peanut Butter Cookie Candy Brownie Bars! You'll just need 2 cups crushed butter pretzels, 1 cup melted butter, 5 tbsp.

Fudge Brownie Pie

Truffle Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce Chocolate is a delicious way to spell L-O-V-E, and the darker, richer and more decadent, the better! The ideal partner? A Valentine-red raspberry sauce.

Cookies  Cream Cookies

Food is the heart of Cookies & Cups.specifically sweet treats. I have over 1000 recipes whether you need an epic dessert or an everyday dinner!

Фото к рецепту: Пирог с рубленым шоколадом

+Deep Dish Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie by eatrunlive - I cut out some choco chips but my husband and I made this recipe like three times in a row!