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How A Brain Injury Inspired Me To Become An Energy Healer

I hear it all the time. I find myself sticking to the symptom they can all relate to for some reason. The 24/7 headache. They seem to be able to grasp that one for some strange reason, or at least they pretend to.

How to help a loved one who has brain injury: Ask. What do you want me to understand about what your going through? Keep in touch.They need to continue with friendships Email,call,visit or send a care package . Be honest.It's ok to say I don't know what to say,or what your going through on the inside...but I care about you. Just listen,listen & listen.Let them vent. Offer your errands for them or take them somewhere. Offer emotional support..compassion &...

TBI- but everyone thinks since I wasn't in a coma or something that my tbi is irrelevant. Or they forget I had it bc i was in Iraq when it happened so they never seen the results...

Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind | Using the infinite mind to overcome the limits of the brain… Experience-Based Brain Injury (Concussion, TBI, ABI, Stroke) Survival Strategies and Tactics