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Plan 2.DG Top 24 neu
Plan 1.DG Top 24 neu
A possible penthouse... Floor 1
Floor 2 - a possible penthouse
Yup pretty fancy.
50.5 Million Euro by January 30th 2016.
Anyways here's wonderwall, beginner guitar dump - Imgur
Let it Go Sheet Music | yaaass. Will learn the beginning asap! Click the link to buy the rest! Only $2 & some change
I made this to help maintain a peaceful atmosphere in our home after reading up on tips for ADHD (we had a bad week and I got desperate). I realized that a structured routine could help.  I used magnets to hold the pieces in place and packaging tape to protect the paper.  It was a struggle to train the kids to play with their toys, and to have them sit quietly at “reading time,” but now that they have adjusted, it is working great!