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They separated. He went left, she went right. But they forgot one thing, this world is round.

"They separated. She took the left path. He, he went right. But they forgot something. The world, is round.

Whether it's a quote to honor your Latin roots or a simple word that speaks to you, a permanent mark in Spanish is just the perfect amount of mysterious and meaningful.

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They say that when people fall in love for the first time it is because that person was our love in another life.

It is said that when you feel love at first sight it is because that person was your lover in other life. Dicen que cuando nos enamoramos de una persona a primera vista es porque esa persona fue nuestro amor en otra vida.

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Spanish love quotes is one of the most romantic language. if you want just amaze your love or she's one from Spain, use our romantic Spanish love quotes.