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Til death do us part

Today's submission in the count down to the Season 7 premiere of Castle is from ABC (via TVLine)! It's the Season 7 poster.

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I've got tree branches poking my boobs and a spotlight up my booty ~ Castle


Stana Katic a. Kate Becket on ABC's "Castle". I continue to believe that all I have to do is write a best-selling mystery novel and I'll end up with Becket (did I mention that I have a rich fantasy life?

"I didn't think you had that side to you." "When it comes to the people I love, I do."

" - an interesting Castle character moment that, like so many others, was done and never mentioned again.

She isn't her real mother, but it's the best she has had. Beckett and Alexis on Castle

Even in high school Alexis went to Kate when making a big decision- & if she'd gone to almost anyone else Rick would have pried. You saw him resist it.