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" La Cortina Amarilla " de Edouard Vuillard. Óleo sobre lienzo.

Jean Edouard Vuillard - Le rideau jaune - 1893 - huile sur toile (National Gallery of Art, Washington, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Collection

art-mirrors-art:  Edouard Vuillard - Madame Hessel au coin du feu devant la cheminée (1917)

Edouard Vuillard (French, Madame Hessel au coin du feu dit Devant la cheminée [Madame Hessel at the fireside, called By the fireplace] ,

Window overlooking the Woods, 1899 by Edouard Vuillard. Post-Impressionism. landscape

Madame Vuillard at the Hotel, 1913 - Edouard Vuillard. the early Vuillard was painting the innovative and sensual Nabi paintings for which he is best known, characterised by complex patterns and vibrant colours

Edouard Vuillard - Under the Portico

artist-vuillard: “ Under the Portico, Edouard Vuillard Size: cm Medium: oil on board”