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One More Stitch: Famous Knitters - Ingrid Bergman

While waiting for a scene of Stromboli, Ingrid Bergman knits and Rossellini reads a telegram.

Ingrid Bergman knitting on the set of "Notorious" (1946)

Ingrid Bergman knitting on Set between Takes - Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious 1946

Mary Astor stitches while Joan Blondell knits on the set of “There's Always a Woman”, 1938.

Mary Astor stitches while Joan Blondell knits on set of “There's Always a Woman” 1938

35 Fabulous Vintage Pics Of Betty White, In Honor Of Her 92nd Birthday (PHOTOS)

35 Fabulous Vintage Photos Of Betty White At Home, In Honor Of Her Birthday

Pat Crowley, receiving some knitting advice from Ginger Rogers.

In a pause from filming Forever Female, Ginger Rogers admires Pat Crowley´s knitting

Ingrid Bergman

Really, all you need to become a good knitter are wool, needles, hands, and slightly below-average.

Grey's Anatomy. Don't know if she really knits or not.

One of my fave episodes of Grey's Anatomy was when Izzie was trying to knit Denny a sweater and was horrible at it so Meredith took over (look at the size of the HUGE knitting needles)

Larry, Moe & Shemp pictured here from Self Made Maids.

The movies depicted the Forties housewives with such respect and dignity.

Ingrid Bergman knitting clothes for her twins (with husband, film director Roberto Rossellini), 1953

These 12 Photographs Capture The History Of Knitting

Barbara levine's new book people knitting documents the history of knitting over the course of a century