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The Great (Cheops) Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx by night, at full moon. - Anagy (Kheopsz) piramis és a Szfinx éjszaka, teliholdkor.

Bookstore, Aix en Provence, France AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

La Bibliothèque Méjanes in Aix en Provence, France - library (Le Petit Prince)

Blue nights

Giza, Egypt - most famous as the location of the Giza Plateau: the site of some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world, including a complex of ancient Egyptian royal mortuary and sacred structures. The Sphinx is the largest monolith statue

Imponente Dendera - Egipto:

Awe inspiring Dendera - Egypt I want travel photos like this. Shows the emotion and scale of the visit.

If it's that deep why is that girl acting like it's like 5 feet deep???

Crystal clear water - Flathead Lake, Montana MORE OF WTF FACTS are coming HERE places, movies and fun facts pinning to things I will try, because I will try to go here

The Temple of Hatshepsut - Senior Citizens tours 2  http://www.maydoumtravel.com/Egypt-Travel-and-Tour-Packages/4/0/

Temple Of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt iPhone 5 wallpapers, backgrounds, 640 x 1136