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Important One Direction news: 35 inside jokes that only a Directioner would get

Exactly ✌️>> this legit shows how anyone can be whoever they want to be in this big world. you just have to work hard at it

This went on a completely different direction then I thought it would, a better direction, one direction.

And a Direction will repost

Directioner ♥ and Mrs. Horan :)>>>>>>>directioner and Mrs.

and my kids think i'm a joke<<< Cause I move a little slow when I dance :)<<I can count on you<<<After all that we've been through

And my kids think im a joke Keep adding to the. Song<< cause I move a little slow when I dance<<<I can count on you


They deserve it lol! The wanted sucks anyways.they ended their own career by being lame lol

Directioners, UNITE! <<< also, OH MY NANDOS!!>>> or OH MY KEVIN!>>>OR WASSAPPNING as zayn has now started to say ~ hayley <3

you know you ARENT a directioner when you have no idea what the jank this is until you get to the last word :P>>>except i dont use laugh like Niall because i read somewhere he didn't like it so instead i use LNL, or Love Niall's Laugh