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Lindsey Peterson @nailsbylindsey_ Black Stilletos! ...Instagram photo

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"Olografic Gun Interface - Under Cover Gun . Concept Art"

"Assisted shooting" by Michel Donzé. Concept art today but maybe reality soon.

Pretty much everything written  by Tom Clancy, I'm a fan of ..   D.B.ART: Concept Art - Ghost Recon "Future Soldier"

realistic soldier reference - torso Concept Art for Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon: Future Solider.

Some fantastic shapes here, the helmet, the blade on the arm, the plating on the shoulders, the bulky breast plate. Great stuff.

DECIMAL Concept ArtOrb Interactive released some of the concept art behind their upcoming action real-time strategy game, . In this sci-fi ARTS/MOBA game, players will control a single squa

The Future Of Warfare Has No Eyes

The Future Of Warfare Has No Eyes

randomghost: “ “ bounty hunter bot by Asahisuperdry ” I love it when a piece of concept art makes me lean forward and say “woah.