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The town of Palmanova is located in northeastern Italy, close to the border with Slovenia. While Palmanova’s origins can be traced back to t.


The Column of Marcus Aurelius, AD Rome.<<< actually it's Trajan's column in his Forum at Rome to commemorate his defeat of the Dacians

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Palmanova Fortress - star fort surrounding town of Palmanova in Italy. It consists of three rings, which were built in stages. First circle with a circumference of 7 km were built in its construction took 30 years.

The Temple of Segesta, Calatafimi Segesta (Trapani), Sicily, Italy | by Andrea Castellano on 500px

The Temple of Segesta, Calatafimi Segesta(Trapani), Sicily, Italy www.

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What a beautiful picture from Italy is a place I've always wanted to visit! The Forum, Rome - Province of Rome Lazio. I first saw it around this time. It was closed so we walked up Palatine Hill which gives great views and the Forum cats start coming out.