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Daily Odd Compliment

If you suddenly became a very heavy coin, I wouldn't mind the burden of carrying you around in my pocket all the time. I also would not spend you.

I have a friend like this!

Daily odd compliment: if I'm trying to remember something random, I come to you just ask, "what does that one dude say in that one movie that we like? Also, it might be a commercial." And you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Daily Odd Compliment

Yes but wouldn't it be stupider to accept reality as it is presented to one?

Hahaha daily odd compliments are the best

This makes me smile. I am so going to say this to someone. I love trying to duplicate dubstep.

Ted Mosby

Daily Odd Compliment - these make me smile! - Imgur

Daily Odd Compliment - these make me smile!