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Cassandra Jean Cassandra Clare Isabelle Lightwood (TMI by Edwards ) I was struggling and struggling and STRUGGLING all morning to draw this dang picture full of guys. And eventually rage quit and decided & want to draw a badass chick& And so, Izzy.

Jonathan Shadowhunter's Tarot card from the suit of Seraph Blades by Cassandra Jean. Jonathan being King since he’s the father of all seraph blades.

Jonathan Shadowhunter - King of Blades: Cassandra Jean: Shadowhunter Tarot Series: *Character belongs to Author Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments series


Cassandra Jean - The Shadowhunters' Wiki JESSA! I can't pick between Jessa and Wessa it's just not possible for me

Jace & Clary fan-art

My name is not little girl by ~Linaia on deviantART - The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare - Jace and Clary - Fan Art

Jem ~Pinned by Simon

Cassandra Jean - Jem from the Infernal Devices series (Clockwork Angel)! Seriously guys, read these books they’re really REALLY good. Don’t let the “Young Adult” tag on these novels make you think that they are any.

William Herondale Cassandra Jean Cassandra Clare "All right, but there was a duck…" Clockwork Prince fanart of Will Herondale!

Cassandra Jean Cassandra Clare Izzy

I needed something to do while I lay in bed tossing and turning, so I sketched The Seelie Queen, Isabelle Lightwood, and Jace -Cassandra Jean