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simple play dough recipe base for kids

Play Dough recipe

simple no cook play dough recipe for kids. Play Dough Recipe 2 cups plain flour cup salt 2 tbsp oil 2 tbsp cream of tartar 1 cup boiling water food colouring (optional) 3 drops of glycerine (optional)

Building designs with playdough and toothpicks :: sensory play :: STEM and STEAM activity for kids

Playdough and toothpicks building

Time for Fun! Add 1 packet of Kool-Aid, 1 cup of white flour, 2 tablespoons of oil. 1/2 cup of salt and 1 cup of boiling water to a large mixing bowl.  Mix with a wooden spoon at first because it will be hot! When the dough cools enough, use your hands to knead the dough until the color is consistent and the dough is formed. When finished, place in an air-tight container or baggie for storing.

Running With Glitter: Kool-Aid Play Dough. One comment said add 1 tablespoon of cream of tarter to keep the play dough soft for longer.

norwex before and after | The Norwex Fruit and Veggie Scrub Cloth cleans ... | Norwex Before ...

The Norwex Fruit and Veggie Scrub Cloth cleans your fruits and vegetables with just the cloth and water.

norwex enviro wand review.  Like this blogger... I too LOVE the new Envirowand!  I can't believe the little spaces it gets into!  Dust bunnies beware!  ;)

The Norwex Enviro wand looks weird and a little flashy. However, once I began using it, I saw the magic promptly unfold! I give the Norwex Enviro Wand 5 big stars!

Our Hands, His Hands: Giving the Gift of Clean!

Do you like saving time and money? I reeeaalllyy do! I LOVE my Norwex cleaning products because they do both for me. I also love staying at .

How to use Norwex microfiber cloths

101 Uses for the Norwex Enviro Cloth - customer testimonails AMAZING! Contact me to order or host a party michele mathey

Norwex Microfiber. For Facebook parties, online events and marketing.

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6 Play Dough Recipes

6 Play Dough Recipes (Be A Fun Mum)

Different Play Dough Recipes: traditional — stretchy — herbal tea — glow in the dark — essential oil — no cook

Choose the Norwex netted dish cloth! It seems so simple, but the Norwex Dish Cloth is an awesome (and affordable!) addition to your kitchen. It is a loosely woven white or blue nylon netted cloth. This means it dries quickly and will not absorb grease or odor, and can't harbor bacteria like sponges.  Www.rachelcappleman.norwex.biz

Ditch those kitchen sponges and grab yourself a netted dish cloth from norwex. Quick drying and can't harbor bacteria like kitchen sponges and rags (:

85+ fall activities. Seasonal ideas for letter and math games

SEPTEMBER THEME: DAY OF AUTUMN fall activities. Seasonal ideas for letter and math games, fall crafts, eco and school garden activities, sensory play ideas. Pin for a great resource.

dancing gummy worms science for kids experiments

Kids' Science: Dancing Frankenworms - Playdough To Plato cut gummy worms into quarters, soak in a baking soda/water solution for 15 minutes, then drop into a cup of vinegar. Very fun to watch!

This kid-friendly DIY turns a flashlight into a constellation projector.

DIY Constellation Flashlight

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You can get rid of all your old products and only use Norwex and water. Go chemical free and get a real clean.