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Tall N Curly - Tall girl Short (er) guy - Love with no measure - full post here >http://tallncurly.com/2014/08/28/tall-girl-life-love-without-measure/

Tall girl / short(er) guy : love without measure

Tall N Curly - Beware of the fake friend

A tall girl's life : Beware of the fake friend

lol...that's what I want to say sometimes.....

Tall N Curly - Threatened Haha too funny! But seriously this is what happens when someone doing my hair pulls out a brush lol

Tall N Curly - Curly Kinky Hair Business : based on Mikki's True story True story smh all my life

Curly Kinky Hair Drama - Based on Mikki's true story

Curly Kinky Hair Business : Optical illusion - Tall N Curly™

Curly Kinky Hair Business : Optical illusion

Tall N Curly - Dampy Dancing

Curly Kinky Hair Business : Dampy Dancing

Go Natural---- Black father loving his daughter and showing her what men will appreciate and admire--REAL HAIR--allowing you to stay connected with the signals from the Cosmos--Our hair, body and organs are fed messages from the Sun, Moon, Planets and Starlights--Esoteric teachings....!!!

You Would Never Guess What Makes This Faux Locs Protective Style So Incredible. But You Have To See The End Result

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who can detangle, twist, and braid with the best of 'em! soooo cute :) Reminds me of my Dad, He knew how to get down with the get down when it came to my hair. Love & Miss you Dad!

15 Years of NaturallyCurly | COMIC  Thanks @Terry Martinez N Curly for illustrating how NaturallyCurly.com has grown over the years! So grateful to be part of so many curlies' lives. Tell a friend, tell your kiddos -- rock those curls, coils, and waves proudly!

15 Years of

Tall N Curly shows one curly's journey through 15 years of NaturallyCurly.

What if CURLY HAIR was MAINSTREAM? What a world that would be...  (comic illustrated for NaturallyCurly.com by @Tall N Curly)

What If Curly Hair Was Mainstream What A World That Would Be Comic Illustrated For Naturallycurlycom


African American Hair Tips & Tricks ~ This is so true and so me. Curly hair pros and cons hilarious! The one about the growing hair and the shrinkage is insanely accurate!


We Can Do It - 18 x 24 Print - Delta Sigma Theta This work by Lindsey Jordan was inspired by the history and legacy of Delta Sigma Theta.not a delta but love seeing this portrait with a woman of color!

I just think this is co cute :)

Black Betty Boop -the original "Betty Boop" was designed after a black woman,that never got the credit or pay for it.