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Shasteen: Joan Holloway

Shasteen: Joan Holloway

Tony Shasteen

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Hermione G. ( Harry Potter), Annabeth -annie-(Percy Jackson) Katniss (hunger games), Clarissa Fray - Clary- ( the mortal instruments) Tris (Divergent), Daenerys Targaryen ( Game of thrones), Nora grey (hush hush), Tessa Grey (infernal devices) and Luce (Fallen) ❤❤❤>>I don't really like katniss she looks Indian

Hermione - Harry Potter Annabeth - Percy Jackson Katniss - Hunger Games Clary- Mortal Instruments Tris - Divergent Daenerys - Game of Thrones Nora - Hush Hush Tessa Grey - Infernal Devices Luce - Fallen (As Disney Princesses)

Poor Leo.  He didn't have a girlfriend.  (Hint hint, Rick Riordan...)

Disney and Percy Jackson crossover soo funny. Annabeth- Shut up Percy! You said you wanted to do thevlittle mermaid! Percy- Not like this!

I love this doee

lol so funny xD and really well drawn. do you guys have any idea how long that would take me to draw that? (fyi i have NO drawing skill)>---Ha! This is AWESOME! I love how it combines Percy Jackson, The Little Mermaid, and Finding Nemo!