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Des bocaux en verre convertis en bougies

DIY simple et originale pour votre jardin en 86 idées de déco

~~~ ***Use Mason Jars (or glass baby food jars!)*** I like the oil lamp idea. Tea lights burn way too quick and this could be cleaner with tight lid instead of a floating candle. Just more mason jar purposeful ideas

Camping guide

Camping Essentials

I think I have this down (thanks Dad) but a checklist is always nice. Things to take when you go camping.

Love these old posters. Should look for some to decorate the nursery!

See Best Photos of Trees And Their Leaves. Inspiring Trees and Their Leaves template images. Identify Trees by Their Leaves Tree Identification by Leaf and Seed Tree Leaf Identification Chart Tree with No Leaves Different Trees and Their Names

Cardboard Box Oven-have one made that works very well! Remember-each charcoal =40 degrees. 9=360ish degrees....& will bake a bunt cake or such.

box oven tutorial Did you know that you can make a cardboard box into an oven that works just as well as your oven at home? And with this type of oven, you never have to worry about what to eat when the electricity goes out

Give me this in a forest and i'll frickin live there lol

Lotus Belle 5 Metre, beautiful handmade glamping tents, yurt *aka epic housing at Burning Man!

Don't leave the house without it!!! WonderWash, a Small Washing Machine That is Completely Portable. $53.00  I NEED this


Don't leave the house without it! WonderWash, a Small Washing Machine That is Completely Portable.

Tick deterrent spray DIY for camping!

Make Your Own Natural Tick Deterrent. Then I guess spray lavender or some other pleasant smell elsewhere so you don't smell the strong scent of the tea tree oil. unless you like smelling like a tea tree.