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eProductSales Original Black and Red Tipped PSYCHE

Eproductsales Original Black And Red Tipped Psyche

eProductSales Original White ZEN BJD Feather Angel Wings designed for Ball-Jointed Dolls

Original eProductSales white Feather Angel ZEN Wings designed for Ball-Jointed Dolls, these BJD Wings are available several colors on our eProductSales website!

By Serge K - Pixdaus #red, #design, #pinsland, https://apps.facebook.com/yangutu

Red can represent anger, love, danger but today red stands for hope. I am feeling hopeful for Methuselah and the people of the Congo. "After a lifetime caged away from flight and truth, comes freedom"

gorgeous wing tattoo idea ! I wouldn't mind this. It kind of reminds me of a fallen angel wing.

Broken Wings - Prologue: Paislee Remembers

Icarus Ink Wing tattoo by Brandon McCamey, via Behance. Normally I don't like wings, but these I could do. Or maybe a feather with these colors.

watercolor tattoo | ... Amazon Parrot / Macaw feather - Nightly Study 375- Original watercolor

not a fan of the feather tattoos. i think they are tacky, but i love the red in this.