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Small Business Coach Wendy Collier and a panel of inspiring experts teach you how.

“I recommend Amy to my top clients, because she understands best-practices when it comes to online marketing, copywriting, and running a coaching business.” - Stacey Morgenstern Co-Founder, Holistic MBA

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FREE Training Call Today: "The Magic 'Niche Profit Formula' That Makes Your Marketing Irresistible w/ Stacey Morgenstern of Holistic MBA. (Find Your Unique Voice And Stop Sounding Like Everyone Else!

Integrative Nutrition | Health Coach Training Program Diary Series - Chapter 3

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Lindsey Witmer Collins Helps Grads Change the World with Personalized Health Coach Apps

According to Marra St. Clair, a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant, a seasoned Holistic Health Coach, and co-founder of Project Juice, New Year’s resolutions often fail because they are not truly what the person actually wants or needs for their life. “Rather, they are some intensified and/or idealistic version of what people think they should want or need.”

From Fitness Instructor to Entrepreneur: How IIN Grad Marra St.Clair Launched a Juice Cleanse Company

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Learn how Integrative Nutrition graduate Michelle Pfenninghaus became a successful Health Coach.

My friend @Kelly Dollinger Wellness and I get some Blog love from our school, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) - Having a Buddy totally ROCKS!!!

nutrition school support buddy: 2 friends encouraging each other to health