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What 5 things make this author love Once Upon a Time (including Complex Characters)

INFJ:  GUILTY AS CHARGED.  (But I'm working on it and getting better. :). My husband calls me "Janet" when the crazy comes out. I'm so blessed to have that man!!

and then feel bad if we hurt someone--even if they may have deserved it~Mostly because we try to understand, sometimes too late, why that person is the way they are & are product of their individual life experiences, etc." Yay for INFJ's!

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Oh crap, I just realized now. INFP is literally my Spiritual Gift. Well ya look at that.

25 INFPs Reveal The Piece Of Wisdom That Turned Their Life Around

25 INFPs Reveal The Piece Of Wisdom That Turned Their Life Around

“An important realization for me has been that I can’t let my high (and often unrealistic) expectations stand in the way of appreciating what I do have. I spent a long time being unhappy because my reality didn’t match up to my fantasies.

I love email, I love texting, of course, no one in my life wants to receive a beautifully conceived 2 page text or an email that masquerades as a novella. Just sayin'.

INFP: Introverted feeling in INFPs is so reserved that they often prefer the written word as the way to communicate what they feel without making personal contact.

Metrics. Lmao.

Infp stressors - "time management required of me" and "mundane work" my favourites.