Six Macaw, Star of “Rio,” Spotted in the Wild for the First ...

Spix’s Macaw, Star of “Rio,” Spotted in the Wild for the First Time in 15 Years. Captured in a backlit cellphone video, the sighting gives conservationists hope for the survival of Brazil's little blue birds.

Spix's Macaw reappears in Brazil (photo © Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation)

We interview 16 year old Damilys Oliveira, the girl who spotted and filmed a Spix's Macaw in the wild a year ago today.

Spix's Macaw.  Declared extinct in 2004.  Cause of extinction: habitat destruction, illegal trapping and trade.

11 Extinct Animals We've Lost in Our Lifetime

these tiny blue birds are extinct in the wild. Cause of extinction: Habitat destruction and illegal trapping and trade contributed to the m.

Spix's macaw  Although 71 Spix's macaws exist in captivity, the last known bird in the wild disappeared in 2000 and no others are known to remain. The species is currently listed as "critically endangered" instead of "extinct in the wild" because not all areas of potential habitat have been thoroughly surveyed. The bird is native to northern Brazil and in 1987 the three known remaining birds were captured for trade. However, a single male bird was discovered in 1990

Extinct in the wild since 71 birds exist in captivity. The species is listed as 'critically endangered' because not all 'potential' habitats have been explored. Endemic to northern Brazil.

The Spix's Macaw is the rarest species of parrot worldwide. Two of the birds were handed over to a Brazilian conservation organization in February 2013 with the hope of returning them to their natural habitat.  Animal Tracks: April 24, 13.  #14

Animal Tracks: April 24 - May 1

magicalnaturetour: A pair of blue macaws, parrots the rarest species in the world. Photo by Patrick Pleul/EPA

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A Spix's Macaw, the bird that inspired the character in the movie Rio, has reappeared in Brazil 15 years after it was thought to be extinct in the wild.